I just had a question on the electronics . So I took my Gibson faded V apart just trying to find out the pickup types.but in the process a wire seemed to have slipped out. I have searched around and people have said that its the ground wire. Should this be connected somewhere? Because when i put it back together today i noticed alot of static coming from my amp but it seemed to stop when i placed my finger on the guitar chord.


The Wire
yeah this looks like a ground wire, its most likely suppose to go on the bridge
Should it be soldered to the bridge in the wiring?
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Yearsh, I think that's the bridge ground.

Don't quote me though, I can't see anything well in those pics.
The bridge and nothing else?
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Yes. Just the bridge.
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Yes. Just the bridge.

It needs to be grounded to the back of one of the pots as well.
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