First of all... I'm new here so Hello to all!

I'm in the market for a new guitar. Something around the $200-$300 range. ESP KH202, Ibanez RG, Jackson Dinky, etc. (all used on ebay for that price range)

Then I started looking at some Schecters... Damien or C1 (both FR of course)

In my search musiciansfriend.com made up my mind as they have this amazing deal on a Damien B2 FR for $250

Just wondering what you folks think of this guitar.

I'm just an at home hobbyist who wants to learn how to play with a FR
i got one when they came out coz i had a load of saved checks. It's a really good guitar, not superb, but very luxurious considering the price. i say go for it, but i'm just a dude that responded to you. you should really try to play one. make sure you can stand the body shape before you buy it. i rarely play mine sitting down.
Odd, odd shape. Probably plays beast though.

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Yeah I took the shape into consideration. It looks cool as hell to me but I do play mostly sitting down.

I just couldn't resist that price.

I play an Epiphone LP junior now so this guitar is going to be a lot better IMO.