I've got a Danelectro Innuendo and the effects are on the fritz - sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, and it doesn't appear to be switches or pots. Support for this guitar is non-existent and according to one of the techs the old factory that made this closed down and lost all the records pertaining to the guitar. Looking on the internet it sounds like a fairly common issue. Does anyone have any insight into what the problem is? Or perhaps - even less likely - a link to some schematics?

[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Your problem is such.....you bought a Danelectro

Could be the inner circuitry or maybe your battery.

Exactly the response I expected - thanks for affirming it.
The guitar actually sounds and plays great, aside from the questionable FX (which can be by-passed).

In any case, I have ruled out the battery and yes it is something in the circuitry - but what is the question...

Have you tried taking it to a local guitar store and having the tech check it out?
Alright, pull it out the pickguard, and check the solder joints to the pots first. Then see if the circuit board is analog or digital (likely digital). Analog can maybe be fixed, long and short digital can't without replacing the whole board. Some pictures of the electronics would help.