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Aren't there other forums for this - riffs and recordings.

If you're talking on a compositional point of view then there's the composition and chat thread to discuss different compositional aspects of your work.

It's not the best "recording" job I've ever heard. It's far too quiet so I only listened to like a minute of it before I got bored. It's not mindblowing but it's not bad either - I've heard worse.

Keep it up.
hey i think its pretty good i like how it started off soft and then the distorted guitar came in. good job and the recording sounds alright to me
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Beginning started ok but it sounded like the timing was off on the distortion guitar. And the lead made me bored. Needs a bit of variety, and some drums.
Please use the original recordings forum in "Riffs and Recordings", and read the rules first.

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