I know how to do a decent amount of shred so now the thing I am thinking about learning would be some of that two handed tapping that insane shred guitarist do like Michae Romeo, But I dont care about the standerd a minor triad tap that Eddie Van Halen Does I want to know some patterns for some of those more shred like taps that involve every fingure, so please tell me some patterns or how you could do this?
intro to building the church by steve vai has a cool tapping riff that involves almost every finger
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Make your own.

Do you know scales down the neck not just down the fretboard? If you do, then it's as easy a playing arpeggiated chords on one string and playing different(or not) chords on every or every other string.

I noticed that Romeo likes to make 2-string tapping riffs and moving those up 2 octaves while adding some variations to the 3rd octave, like bends, harmonics, and any combination of things like that and other stuff i can't remember.


The Steve Vai intro uses only 5 fingers, but you should learn it if you're into tapping.
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rusty cooley has a chromatic tapping thing

    t     t     t     t

same frets down all the strings. obviously, 18 is pick hand pinky, 15 is fret hand pinky, 17 pick hand ring, etc.

also on UG theres a whole thread dedicated to excercise tabs, and in one of them theres a tapped version of the mario theme song (which is quite challenging)
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