so last week i went to the doctor and got some blood work done because i'm having pains in my side and i got a letter in the mail telling me my creatine levels were high so i called the doctor back and she said that it could be my kidneys starting to fail. i'm ****ing 17 years old and my ****ing kidneys might be failing. anybody want to try to make me feel better?
That sucks.
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For a moment I thought velcro shoes were ones with the whole bottom made of velcro

She could walk up your pubes with those

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this post has aids
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and 07'ers will always be well-respected members of UG society.
That sucks.
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That, or being absolutely broke - though you always find money for cigarettes, then end up even more broke.

so true ^.
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what in the name of satanus is a bass?

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I think it's a type of fish.

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Sucks to be you.
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Stop being an alcoholic?

Alcohol kills your liver. Not your kidneys.

I'm sorry TS my grandpa had kidney problems and had to get dialysis.
You're making me nervous now, I have random dull pains in both sides all the time, where my kidneys are. Maybe I should get to a doctor...
my friend found out he was born with only one kidney.

it's also twice the size of a normal kidney to make up for the lack of the other kidney.

I dubbed it, "SuperKidney."
He doesn't find it as funny.
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It sucks that your thread got spammed. Reported

i dont get why it should be reported just because theres some spam. some potentially epic threads die just because theres like 4 or 5 spam posts.
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so? you can tell girls you got in a fight and had to get a transplant. that'll get you laid if nothing else will

/be happy it's not cancer
to the guy who said stop being an alcoholic...that'd be liver failure you **** lol.