Hey pit, I need some answers. I'm getting a new dog, a black lab, a guy, and I need help thinking of a name. And be serious, or I will cast a spell on you.
The names must be musically related. I already thought of Crosby, and Frampton. I thought those were pretty cool. Any more?
Ozzy is what I'm naming my new black pomeranian. Prince of darkness? you see?

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Ozzy is what I'm naming my new black pomeranian. Prince of darkness? you see?

Lol thats like the perfect name.
my neighbors black lab growing up was Gibson, it's a good name for a dog. My girl is Layla.

Zappa? Jimi? Drake? What are you in to?
ivan. best dog name ever. i had a black lab that i named coal too, but he got hit by a car. damn asshole didnt even stop. but anyway, ivan. sweet name.
Name him Orion, thats what I named my cat
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Name it Syd. That's a good name for a dog.
...i just named my black lab winston, since thats like the whitest nerdest name & it was the opposite of what he looked like
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