So I'm in a jam. I wanna learn a song but I don't know which one! My problem is I don't know what level I'm at really so I don't know where to look! I'm pretty sure I don't count as a beginner anymore but I don't wanna waste my time trying to learn a song that's way to difficult. So heres what I'm looking for. I'd like a solo because I've gotten into playing them lately but nothing with like one handed tapping (well some is OK I just haven't completely gotten it down) or sweep picking which I have never even attempted. The song itself can really be anything from power chords to whatever just as long as it's not like what I specified in the solo part...I hope someone can help!
fade to black
nothing else matters
am i evil (some tapping but its simple)
the unforgiven
and basically every AC/DC solo
remember, its all about phrasing, not speed
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