Anyone like them?

They broke up, but I started listening to them again and I just can't get enough of them.

They also won Battle For Ozzfest which was a kick ass show, which is probably why they broke up.


EDIT: Oh i covered Lost in A Fantasy and An Idea And Some Rope on my Youtube, check it out if you want.
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i like this band alot. i got to know about them through mtv when i was like 12. really melodic-ish metalcore.

Yea i got into them after watching the show, which I was in 7th grade, it really sucks they broke up.
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Ive never actually listened to them. All I know is that they did this song
With the Red Chord, its pretty funny.


I remember when i met The Red Chord at Mayhem and i was getting my poser signed by Greg i was like "Mustache Man!".

He lol'd