i've been looking at threads about neck angle but i don't fully understand it.
why do toms and tremolos and stuff have different neck angles and what angle should they be?

also, i'm building a guitar with a floyd rose double locking tremolo... what should that angle be?
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the only time you'll really need a neck angle is with a TOM bridge

it's because a tom is so much higher off the body than most other bridges, the neck needs to be angled back (3 degrees, I think?)

guitars with floyds don't need the neck angle, as far as iknow
Here's why:

The red line is the strings. The top one is a stop-tail/recessed floyd bridge, the middle one is a TOM without a neck angle. The bottom one is a TOM with an angle. If there is no angle in the neck and the TOM is not recessed into the body, the string action is way too high at the higher frets. Introducing an angle in the neck, pitched so that the back of the neck tilts down in reference to the body, will allow for a non-recessed TOM and good string action at the same time.

3 degrees is about right, but it depends on the scale of your neck, the height of your TOM, and everything like that. It takes trigonometry to get the right angle, and each guitar is different. There are applications on the web that will do the math for you.

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1.5-2.5 degrees. 2.5 being the extreme.

, the neck angle on that blue guitar I'm working on is a solid three, I must have screwed that one up somethin' awful.
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if you recess the T.O.M do you need a neck angle?

Nope. You just have to make sure you recess it to the right depth.