Hey peeps, been a while since i wrote and posted something ( I HATE school... ), and so here's my latest offering/sacrifice.

Written under very obvious circumstances.


I’m sitting here,
bounding a ball off the wall again,
starin at the ceiling,
singing songs to myself on the train,

the lack of anything to do,
is driving me insane.
i twiddle my thumbs, suck on my tongue,
but i just feel the same.

Because i’m bored
because i’m so damn bored
I’m watching the sky
the clouds pass me by

Because i’m bored
i’m just so god damn bored
i’ve got nothing to do
cept sing this little song to you

i’m bored.

daydreams fly by
the sun shines on high
for the people with something to do
(Not Me)
time passes fast
when you know time wouldn’t last
when you think about moving fast
(Not Me)

Because i’m bored
because i’m so freakin bored
I’m watching paint dry
while the world speeds on by

Because i’m bored,
almost-sleeping-ish bored,
i’ve got nothing to do,
cept sing this little song to you.


(guitar solo/instrumental bit)

because i’m bored,
because i’m just plain bored,
i’m sitting here with nothing to do,

Because i’m bored.
because i’m bored bored bored.
i’ve got nothing to do,
and I think that maybe you'll have a clue.

Because i’m bored,
have you noticed i'm bored?
the wind keeps on blowin,
the sun keeps on shining,
and i’m still sitting here with nothing to do,

nothing else but think about you.


As usual, C4C.

Yamaha ERG 121
Yamaha F370TBS
Yamaha GA-10



Lyrical Insanity:

Chasing Shadows
Wow, I'm bored too

No...Decent flow....I remember when I was back in school...God I feel old...that I was bored all the fucking time...So yeah...anyway 'bored' is really emphasized...cool, I could see it really more like a punk rock song...like to hear music to it...
Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum seueriorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis!
This reminded me of Tired by Sprung Monkey (killer song btw).

I like it. The only couple of things that kind of bugged me: Sometimes it seems you're on a train, and sometimes it doesn't; the rhyme "fast/last/ and then fast again" could be worked; and I don't like you only mention the you in the last line and when you're singing this song, but that's just being picky.

Would like to hear this recorded.