im kind of new to bass and need some help knowing which songs to learn, so could you guys give me some names of songs with cool recognizable bass lines like pink floyds "money". i already know for whom the bell tolls, frankenstein, killing in the name, low rider, money, and another one bites the dust.
Playing the bass lines of songs you like is a great way to align your interest in music with your interest in learning how to play the bass.
since you're a new user i'll politely tell you to search beginner bass songs on the searchbar. Oh, and might i suggest seven nation army?
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A scale, then Bass soloing and developing base (no pun intended) skills, then after that, and learning to gallop, run to the hills. Technique development is the biggest help, take my word for it.
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Read it, and the FAQ. And don't worry, it was a noob question, no "sort of" about it.
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