Hi, I can't seem to get a good recording of my distorted guitar. I have a crate 120 watt combo amp, two 12 inch speakers, open back. Mic wise, i have one of those long skinny condenser mics, and those big fat ones, both by MXL, and three normal mics, shure i think. Those are running to some old mixer, which is connected to a laptop via a behringer usb interface. I have audacity, mixcraft 4, cakewalk, and ardour.

I am looking for a deep, Pantera/Heavier Alice in Chains tone. I can get it out of my rig, just not recorded =[. Please help!
well can you post an example of what you do have? i can probably try and help you improove from there.
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TURN DOWN THE DISTORTION!!!!! this is a common mistake many make when recording guitars. what you hear coming out of the speakers will not be what is picked up by the microphone (it will probably be too "mushy", very technical term i know). turn down the gain, mic with the shure's up close and the "big fat one" about 3 feet away (it sounds like a strange combo but it should work). you'll then want to re-record (DONT copy and paste) with a different guitar/amp combination with about the same amount of distortion as before, maybe a little less. you'll notice the difference. then eq to get your sound.

also, sorry to break it to you buddy, you're using a crate...seriously. get your self a decent amp (and i should say this; i'm all for using cheap gear but crate distortion is TERRIBLE). try a low-watt tube amp and a good overdrive pedal. you'll thank me later.

hope i didn't come off as too much of a d-bag

K thanks i'll try that w/ the mics. By another combo, do you mean double tracking that part and mixing them together?

As for the crate, the distortion on my model was actually pretty good, once i got a boss noise gate for it. But i'll be upgrading to a bugera soon anyway =D