I have a request from all of you out there in Ultimate-Guitar land!!!

I have some friends who are in a band called (link removed) As of late they are in a contest that results in the winner playing for the first time at our local venue. Now I understand that you all are from all over the place and would not be able to come to the show, but if you would like to help out some local bands please take a look at the myspace and check them out. They haven't asked me to do this so please don't hate on the band if you disagree with my thread, hate on me. The voting ends March 1st at noon.

Please vote if you like their music. This might just be the opportunity to help project their band which could result in more music, and more tours. So maybe even one day you could say "I helped - become what they are today"

So, if you want to vote, here's how you do it! Send an e-mail to (removed) and include somewhere in your message or subject or whatever that you're voting for -. That's it!

Thank you for reading.

Kenneth Bakke