Hey everyone, my band is looking for a second guitarist. We are situated in upper Westchester (Yorktown, Shrub Oak, Mahopac area) in New York. We need someone who can play both simply and with complexity, but isnt drowning in their own ego and feels the need to shred every 5 seconds. We play a wide variety of music, with influences from Pink Floyd to Slipknot.
hey man, everything sounds great but your location. I think your accross the river a bit from me. Im around the pine bush, montgomery, middletown area. if its not to far from you I guess itd be worth the trip
According to google earth, its about a 45 minute- 1 hour drive, depending on where exactly you are. I'd like to give it a shot, but I'll consult with my band.
One more question: how old are you? It doesnt particularly matter, but I'd like to know if you dont mind.
Im 20 years. I actually live in walker valley/pine bush. Though I work overnights in fishkill just over the beacon bridge. Maybe we could meet in the afternoon out your way before I have work. Ive only been playing a little over a year but been playing steady. I can keep a good rythm or play lead, but only been playing slide as of late. I know a little music theory but am forgetting it, I've go tmy own way of playing in any key anwheres on the fret board thanks to planetalk which is not only better IMO but significantly better for improv which is what I want to excel at. As for music im a classic rock advocate, though I CAN listen to almost anything. the Allman brothers gave me the idea to pick up and play but a few favs of mine are: ABB, floyd, doobie brothers, to satriani, vai, boston etc. etc.
Sorry about not getting back to you. I've been having issues with this site and my internet and in generaly...and frankly I forgot a bit.
Alright mindtrek, I'll check when we're all free to practice like that.
As for you rob1993, were yo asking me or mindtrek? we're your age, about, based on your sn, a bit older.
I'm from PA i'm a guitarist for 24 years I've heard it all, I can mix, produce and rock away with my les paul I use a Rockman XP100 amp sounds great if ya want to give me a shot gim e a call 570-905-7639

names Dave