I found this, a 2002 model, which has had heating problems and was fixed. The guy wanted 700CAD, I told him 500, he agreed on 600. Should I take it? They are 600USD new on MF, but there are none that I can find in Canada, so I have nothing to really compare it to. Should I just give him 600 or insist?

try it out first and what cab are you putting it into, also what guitar do you have?

and i know Axe music can special order it. they are starting to carry b-52 stuff.
I have no idea which cab I should use tbh.

The guitar is either a Jackson soloist SL2 or an ESP eclipse-II.

I'm in Ontario though... and I wanna get a good deal on the amp, rather than a new one.
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I got the B-52 at 2x12 100 watt combo amp before they discontinued it
I love the sound, even with stock tubes and whatnot
I'd say it's probably a good deal, if it's legit.
ok, pretty good guitars as for a cab, i would probably get a avatar and that will set you back another 700 dollors including shipping
if you want a 4X12 get this cab http://www.steamcomusic.com/avatar/documents/g412_vintage.html
if you want a 2X12 get this one http://www.steamcomusic.com/avatar/documents/g212cont.html
i would probably get hellatone 30`s in them
also i would jump on that at-100, its a decent amp for the money and very loud.
I'm pretty far from gigging, I don't need a 100watts, it's just the best value used amp I see on craiglist. So I won't need some killer cab, for now. Thanks alot though