I got and Ibanez PD7 phat head distortion pedal uhhhh out of boredom and also curiosity, since I was electronics class for a year. I was wondering if anyone has modded this pedal before? Is pedal modding even that common? because I never been into bass until recently so its unheard of to me.

So I was wondering if it was possible to maybe get the fuzz to sound more thick? I do not care if I lose the... uhhh, cant explain... "real tone" to the pedal itself. Even if i got and very weird artificial sound from modding it or anything I don't mind. Mostly just doing it because I am bored and wanna mess around with it.
Bump? Anyone? even if its not the pedal I said can anyone direct me to websites or info about making bass distortion pedals or modding them?
you can most likely use that pedal with your bass with no need to mod it.
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Well, if you look up the schemes, figure out what opamp and what not are in it, and gain a better understanding of the circuitry, transistors and caps, you may be able to get more fuzz than gain out of it. Though, the Ibanez pedals aren't too welcomed by the modding community, I've got a PH5 that I modded, it took my FOREVER to find a single bit of info on what "modded" meant with that one.

edit: nevermind, I just found the schematic for the PD7... and with the "preamp" switching on it, it looks to be a very tricky pedal to mod. I mean, popping in some germanian transistors, similar to those of an arbiter fuzz face, in place of the existing (I believe) silicon transistors in the PD7, you MAY be able to get a little more fuzz out of it. Maybe changing the clipping diodes out with some germanian to smooth it a bit... that's a tricky, tricky, tricky mod. Just BYOC a fuzz pedal and mod it for bass.

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Thanks very much like I said before I don't care if I mess it up. Thanks for the schematic, I got a bit more than the average electronics understanding. Never know maybe I could pull it off! Thanks again!