does anyone know any good settings for James rhythm sound on justice , like on eye of the beholder , it sounded very smooth and really heavy so i trieddd the rectifier setting but i cant seem to zero in on the sound any tips ? thank u
I don't have the Vypyr, but try cutting some mids, boosting the bass and treble, and crank up the gain. See what it sounds like with those settings. Also check out the Ultimate Settings Thread, they can give you more detailed settings there.
thanxx, i got close to the sound but now im not sure whether to use the diezel setting or the rectifierrr , cuase i heard the sumwhere that he used diezels and the rectifiers togetherr and that he left the mids on the amp to make the sound stick out and lowered them in the studio
I use the Diezel for it... but I would suggest closing the back for tighter punchier bass.
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Hey flyingE27 which vypyr do you have?
I'm guessing it's above 15 right?
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