I just got a Marshall Bass State B65 and a GK Back Line 410BLX. I've been trying to hook the two together through the Marshall's "Line Out" input jack but no sound is coming through my GK cab. What am I doing wrong?
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the line out goes to a board. to power the cabinet you'll have to buy a power amp to run through.

it will go like this. line out-->power amp in-->power amp out to speaker cabinet.
Also, make sure you use a speaker cable to go from thepower amp to the cabinet.

you would probably be better off just buying a bass amp with an 8ohm extension speaker out on it. Marshall is not known for their great bass amps.
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That would do it.

Be aware, though, that you'd be running a line level signal through something designed for a signal level. I fried my Hartke A25 by doing that. You'd have to keep the volume on the Marshall very low.

Honestly, I think you're better off selling the Marshall and getting a decent head. An Ashdown Electric Blue or Acoustic B200H would both be good candidates.

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