So I've been using a metronome to help keep timing with my picking, since I have read
so many places that it can be beneficial to speed. But my real question is, say I'm
playing just 4 consecutive frets in a row 5-6-7-8, starting on the low E string and ascending to the high E string. When descending I play 8-7-6-5 from the high E to the low E again. When descending would it be best to anchor the lowest fret and use my other fingers individually to hit the other frets or should I just go finger by finger? I was curious if one would be better for faster picking or if it really even mattered.
When i do chromatic runs like that, i don't usually anchor my fingers. It doesn't really matter, but you get more finger movement when you don't anchor them.
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I dont anchor my fingers either, speed at a riff for me usually just comes from repetition
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