I submitted a tab about 2 weeks ago and I can't find it when I search it. Should I submit it again or is it normal for it to take this long?
tabs have to be voted on, basically, via the "tabs pending approval" section. people there can vote and comment on your tab, and pretty much decided whether to add it to the site.

there is a link somewhere that shows the progress of your tab, approved or denied, but I'm not exactly sure where that is heh

plus there are a lot of things pending approval, so yeah it may take some time *shrugs*

and do not re-submit the same tab.
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in your profile go to my contributions, and it will give you a list of everything that you have submitted. A means accepted, D means denied and either P or W stand for pending or waiting. Cant remember which it is....
Hmm, I am pretty sure I submitted the tab before I made an account so it won't show up on my profile. I guess I will just wait and see. Thanks for the replies.