I'm a new player, and I'm trying to learn Jenny Owen Young's cover of Hot in Herre

also played here (ignore the first and last 30 seconds) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0g8hGJdbag

supposedly the strum pattern is similar to Wonderwall, but it sounds different to me. I can sort of half-ass the main verse part, but I'm having difficulty getting it down properly, and the chorus is even worse for me. Can anyone help?

It is similar to Wonderwall in places, at least to my ears. Can you play wonderwall?

Just keep practicing, it'll come. It looks like a very good song to practice various strumming patterns. Don't get hung up on playing it exactly the same, its the type of song to have fun with so relax and enjoy it. It'll help.
I can sort of play wonderwall. I found a video with the real strum pattern (not the uduudu or w/e repeated for 3 times... but the real one), and have practiced with these chords (I don't have a capo anyways hehe)

thanks for the support. does anyone have any specific advice for this song? I think I'll just sorta half ass the verses, but I'm still pretty lost on the chorus. my ear is really bad
yea,it does sound pretty similar to wonderwall. Actually, I think you can try any strumming pattern you desire, as Free as pointed out, this is one of those songs where you can experiment with strumming patterns.