I'd save another hundred or so and get a Seagull.
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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Two words: Ovation guitars

Could you tell me extensive ups and downs about ovation guitars?
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Ups? They have a pretty decent plugged in sound. Very high quality electronics. They also have pretty thin necks. Most people also say they look cool, but I'm all about natural finish/traditional soundhole.

Downs? Well, IMO, they sound like toys because of the plastic bowls that are used for a body. They don't sound very good unplugged (again, IMO), and they slide down your leg when you're sitting down.

I wouldn't go with an Ovation. I do, however, agree with the guy that said save up about $100 more and get a Seagull S6. Those are some wonderful guitars.

EDIT: Actually, you'll only be spending between $20-60 more if you get an S6. Of course, you'll have to buy a hardcase seperately, but if you do that when you get the guitar, you SHOULD be given a discount.
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I feel like I'm advertising here, but....

I actually dislike Yamaha in general, but the FG700 series guitars are just plain good.
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