I'm a Guitarist from Canada looking for some one that wants to jam online
make songs looking for any one drummer/bass/guitarist/singer
Ive only been playing for 8 months now but im pretty good i write a lot of my own
stuff i just want to try some thing new maybe work on some original songs
well I like to play metallica and all that remains, megadeth, and avenge sevenfold
but i also play red hot chilli peppers, alice in chains and alot of others

my favs would have to be nothing else matters, fade to black and master of puppets that kind of music but ill play any thing im just tired of jamming by my self lol
I will play with you, but I am kind of new to the whole internet band thing
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oh and yao151 i love the fact that you as a fan of metallica and slayer likes John Frusciante, i wish more people around here had an open mind like that

I'm not narrow minded

just narrow dicked
Alright well i think that's all i can take for Electric guitarists Pm Me if you are really interested tho