well. time for a new guitar. and as the title says are they any good?

if anyone has one or has had one id love to hear about them, they have one down at my local music shop with 300 dollars off, which is alot, so yeah if anyone knows anything id be glad for you to fill me in

thanks, Zakk.
back in the day.... actually I've never had one. I can't imagine anyone really going wrong with an Ibanez S. Great guitars for the money. I say go for it, but that's just me. Ultimately it's up to you.

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I have one, and I love it! Only downside is the 22 frets, but apart from that it is perfect
no one needs 24 frets, go for it!
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I have one, and it plays wonderfully. Looks evil. It was on sale at the shop and I snagged it. Great guitar.
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