ive got a CGM 4x12 that is 8 ohms. i want to rewire it to 4 ohms because my amp is a 60 watt 4ohm head. i dont care if it gets much louder, i just dont want my precious amp to burn out. if anyone could give me some advice on how to rewire this bitch that would be cool. also if you dudes dont think it will **** up my amp tell me and ill leave the **** alone. i really like this cab cus it sounds so deep and dark like no other cab thats why i dont wanna trade
You can't wire it to 4 ohms.

You have four 8 ohm speakers, two are wired in series for 16 ohms and those two are put into parallel for 8 total ohms. The only way you could wire a 4x12 to 4 ohms is with a quad of 16 ohm speakers.

What kind of head is this? If it's a solid state head then don't worry about going over 4 ohms. I've personally never heard of a tube amp with a single impedance option at 4 ohms, it's almost always wired internally to 16 ohms or otherwise, it is switchable to 8 ohm and 4 ohm taps. Even with a tube amp mismatching up will generally not have any ill effects outside of bad tone.
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You can't just rewire it to make it 4 ohms. Although(someone correct me if I'm wrong, don't try this until you get confirmation from someone else), I think you can use a cab of an 8 ohm rating with a head of a 4 ohm rating, just with less volume and a slightly altered tone.
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You're fine, you won't blow anything up. You only need to match the impedance on the tube amp, just don't go below 4 ohms and you should have no problems.