ive got a CGM 4x12 that is 8 ohms. i want to rewire it to 4 ohms because my amp is a 60 watt 4ohm head. i dont care if it gets much louder, i just dont want my precious amp to burn out. if anyone could give me some advice on how to rewire this bitch that would be cool. also if you dudes dont think it will **** up my amp tell me and ill leave the **** alone. i really like this cab cus it sounds so deep and dark like no other cab thats why i dont wanna trade
I'm not going to be a dick and report you but you have the exact same thread in GGnA with 4 responses. Give that a chance and if you feel you are not getting help of that you are in the wrong place - ask a mod to move it for you.
You don't say what the amp is. If its transistor you shouldn't bother. you won't be able to get 4 ohms anyway and a tranny will be very happy with 8 ohms. Read my article on matching amps and speakers in the columns.

Good luck