currently im using an epiphone les paul studio just temporary and the g string always goes out of tune quick. is this normal for epiphones ...?
A lot of Gibsons do that, My SG does it all the time. if you tune it slightly sharp, you won't have a problem.
Try taking it to a tech, my Gibbys both did it when I first got them and the nut was just cut poorly, also you may want to replace the tuners with locking ones.
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yah my sg standard and friends ltd eclipse deluxe both did that same thing. i think it's a tune-o-matic curse
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I need to get my custom fixed as well..it would be a serious hassle at gigs. In fact i wont play shows with it because both the G and B fall flat after tuning up. You hear than "chink" sound and you know your just screwed.
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it messes **** up. that chink sound is kinda like getting called to the principal's office for doing nothing
The Gstring has always been a source of tuning problems for just about every guitar. There was a time when everybody used a wound gstring. But tbone walker got us started using a plain 1. But I can keep both my epis in tune even the g string while playing. I might have to check it the next day before playing but usually its pretty close to tuned.
yes, i used to have an epi les paul classic and the g string would always loose tune. i asked the local tech and he said its because the g string is in the highest tension and it was just a pain. try takin the guitar to a tech and have them look at the bridge and nut and mae sure its all ok tho.
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I just got a very sharp pencil, rubbed a small amount of graphite in the litttle slot of the nut, and retuned. Worked for me. O and also tune so its sharp and then its right not flat and then right (hope that makes sense)