So 700 to maybe 850 is the budget. I play metalcore[August Burns Red, Oh, Sleeper] I would like a fast neck for sweeps..Fixed Bridge is a must. Anyway.. I've heard only good things about the esp ltd mh-400nt.
[ http://www.zzounds.com/item--ESPMH400NT ]
Would that be a good choice?
Thanks guys.
What's wrong with the Eclipse? Or are you at that stage when you just want a different guitar for every application.
I've got an LTD F-401FM and I'm assuming it's quite similar to that one you're looking at. Mine has two 81's though and personally I think that 85 in the neck of the one you're looking at is a nice bonus. I just want to say that I don't absolutely love the neck. It's nicer (in that it's thinner and easier to play) than my Les Paul BFG but the LTD's neck doesn't even come close to the awesomeness of the one on my Jackson and it's a super cheap Jackson. But people shred on LP's all the time too, so I guess it's all preference...
you could probably get a MH-1000NT deluxe, last years model at least, for around 850.
Hey i JUST bought this guitar not even a week ago it came in on Monday. All i can say is HOLY SH** it's incredible! I also have an ibanez with a wizard 2 and the neck really wasn't a big difference to me, it almost fits in your hand better i love it. I looked at the mh-1000nt as well but seriously the only difference are finish colors, inlays, and the pickups not worth the extra hundred $'s. The action is pretty low and i have barely any fret buzz but i'm sure it's just from lower tuning. I can't really ask for more from this guitar i love it to death. I play some ABR and metalcore from time to time too and it sounds REALLY good. This guitar also changed my mind on active pickups haha. Hope this helps.
well youve already got the esp/ltd, why not try out some Ibanez or a Jackson, or get some single coil action, a semi-hollow?
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