Lately, I have been hit by the urge to write. I have a problem and I imagine that every aspiring writer has been in these shoes - just the same as any musician. Everything that I write leaves me disappointed. I never feel the desire to revise my work because I don't think that it can be fixed.

Any help would be great. I'm looking for efficient writing exercises, inspiring stories, or classical poetry to read and use as a reference.
Classical poetry... Try some Sheakespeare? Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth, or maybe something a little more obscure.

But with the disappointment at your own writing, that happens, same as when writing riffs on guitar. Get someone else to read it, and get their opinion. It's probably really good, and you just don't think so.
Its probably better than you think.Post a little and see what the pit has to say.
That is inspiring and I gave it a try in the Worth Developing thread. I think that I gain a lot from reading poetry and I love the recommendation of Shakespeare. I'll eat that up.

My biggest problem seriously is the practice... I wish I could write more than I have time for but I just can't. I would like some idea of 'practice' exercises. It does seem like a hard thing to practice but I'm committed to put the time forth if I can expect some results.
There aren't any real "exercises".

To practice writing, you do just that; write.

I heard somewhere that Hendrix said he writes everywhere, on his hands, on napkins, on scraps of paper, anywhere.

I say be prepared, always have a pen, and when anything strikes, write it down.

I personally had (still have somewhere, actually) an A5 notebook filled with ideas.

Inspiration, you find yourself

I find that if I want to write in a certain style, I read/listen to lots of that genre, but not just that. you have to analyse it. what makes this different from other things? what literary devices/techniques do they sue, what kind of language? etc.etc.
Okay, thank you. That reaffirms what I thought myself. Write everywhere and analyze other work.

Again, thanks. What did you think of my first posted writing in the Worth Developing thread?