My friend and I spend a lot of time watching random videos on youtube, and today we watch a 'People Getting Owned' compilation that had Black Betty by Ram Jam playing in the background. We saw how epically it synced up and decided to try with other videos. It synced amazingly with EVERY video we tried, probably 20. Here's an epic example:

He-Man Video:

Black Betty:

Start them at the same time, turn of the he-man volume, and watch he-man. Epic syncage. Another great one is syncing black betty with Never Gonna Give You Up. Go ahead and check it out, WILL change your life.
mix them cuz it's hard to start them at the same time
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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that was awesome. Skeletor!!
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it's only 10:15, we figured this out at about 9:00

you've had enough youtube fun for one day.
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Whoa, that was awesome!
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