Which OD pedal is the most dominate?

1. Xotic BB Preamp

2. Fulltone V4 OCD

3. Ibanez/Keeley Modded Tubescremer

4. Maxon OD-9/808

Leave a answer along with:

1. Music Style
2. Application (What your using it for?)
3. Or Alternative Pedal
XOTiC is the most transparent by far. The Fulltone OCD works better as a stand alone IMO, it sounds just fine without pushing an amps and it can get tons of gain for an OD, enough to rival some distortion pedals. The Keeley has slightly less of a mid hump with more low end than stock and the OD9/808 I'm assuming is the Analogman, which is pretty much Stevie spec TS808 with true bypass. I would use the XOTiC for a good gain boost for lead or if you wanna go from hard rock to metal, the Tube Screamers would be my choice as a lead boost or to make something stand out a bit more and the OCD would just be for a variety of tones. I play pretty much anything except screamo and anything ending in -core and the BB Preamp is probably the most versatile and the OCD would be my choice if you want to use a stand alone OD on a clean channel. The TS808 is a love or hate thing IMO, but I love mine.
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it depends on everything.
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Chea_man is the best.
Fulltone has more of a Marshall Sound to it. Very transparent, excellent pedal. It works pretty well as a boost, but not as well as a proper Tubescreamer.
Fulldrive 2 is the best I've played. Never been able to try an xotic and pretty much every tubescreamer I've tried or made has fallen short. FD2 can do an absolute clean boost or be a full on distortion pedal. Not to mention everything in between. Oh yeah, the boost means you can leave it on all the time and use the boost channel for your leads.
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It depends what kind of tone you want. Can we get some details?

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i have a fulltone ocd and an ibanez ts-9

i normally use the fulltone to get my tone then my ts-9 to boost it for lead

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Well me personally, I don't know to much about OD pedals. I play mainly christian music, but I love metal/metalcore.

I've watched a lot of demos of the pedals I listed, but I have no personal experience with them. If this helps, I play on a Marshall DSL JCM 2000 Super Lead, which isn't mine. But I saving up for a Mesa Rectifier. Also, I have SD Blackouts in a Gibson Explorer and a stock Ibanez artcore guitar. I'm just looking for the best pedal(s) to suite my music styles.
Fulltone OCD.

I use one for all sorts of things, blues, to rock rhythm tones. It's not high gain, just a medium gain.
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