ok i posted something similar to this a while back but i wanna be more understanding of it, i own a Crate Flexwave 65/112 and i want to connect it to an extension cab, the only thing is that i still dont have a full understanding of how to go about it since i dont understand fully about Ohms and stuff. so heres the specs of it. If possible, can i plug it into a 4x12 cabinet or what do you all suggest.

Output Power Rating: 65-Watts rms @ 5% THD, 8Ù, 120 VAC.
Gain: High Gain Channel 110 dB, all controls @ 10, Overdrive Ch 88 dB, all controls @ 10, Clean Ch 58 dB, all controls @ 10, CD Input 29 dB.
Maximum Input Signal Accepted: 2.5 volts rms @ 400 Hz.
Input Impedance: 470k ohm.
High Gain Channel Shape Control: Proprietary Circuit.
Overdrive Channel: Low 20 dB range @ 80 Hz, Mid 15 dB range @ 1 kHz, High 20 dB range @ 10 kHz.
Clean Channel: Low 36 dB range @ 80 Hz, Mid 15 dB range @ 800 Hz, High 40 dB range @ 10 kHz.
Speaker Size and Rating: 12" Crate Custom Design 8 ohm.
Size (H x W x D): 17.75 in/45.1 cm x 21.50 in/54.6 cm x 12.50 in/31.8 cm.
Weight: 36 lb/16.3 kg.
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