I can't really decide if I want to get the Orange 50w combo or not.
I need a new amp; my old one basically killed itself.
I play a lot of ska/reggae/alternative rock and indie style songs.
If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it.
Which Orange 50w combo?
What's your budget?
Where do you live?
Can you buy used?
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Budget doesn't really matter
I live in Trinidad Colorado so I'd have to get it online
And yeah i can buy used
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Budget doesn't really matter

It does. There is a Rocker 50 combo on clist in ABQ for $1,850, is that the Orange 50 watt you are speaking of? There is also a Mesa F-50 on the same site for $850. But if you really have no budget then there are a lot of options so please share.
I have enough money that budget is no problem I just need to know what would be best for my style of music...And i was looking at the rocker 50 combo