as the title says, im looking for a new delay, and was wondering which one to get for under 250 bucks, the line 6 dl4? the ehx dmm with hazarai?
the only catch is that i would like it to have a looper with layers (both of those can do it right?)
well, thanks in advance
Most people will probably suggest the DL4, but I honestly think the SMHH has more flexibility soundwise and is of better build quality. I would suggest the SMHH.
if your looking for long loops you should go with a looper and not a delay pedal with a loop function. well there is a solution. if you like boss pedals. some do some dont. anyway here is what you can do. get a boss rc2 (looper) and a boss dd3. the looper is great once you get the hang of it. and the dd3 is basicly all you need delay wise.
new hard wire delay
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