I was browsing this site the other day and thought these looked like pretty nice acoustics (I should say here my acoustic knowledge is limited at best). I was even considering buying one...until I saw the price.

My question is, for people that know more about these things than I do, are these guitars worth the prices being asked for them? Are there other recommendations in this price range that are better in quality? I'm not necessarily considering buying an acoustic in this price range but for interests sake...

Thanks for any help you can give
Ummm....yeah.......I don't know how much they are, but if you're shying away from them because of the price, they're not worth it at all. Luna guitars don't have a great reputation for being the most tonally sound guitars out there.

What is your price range? From there we can give suggestions. Remember, suggestions are what you are given so you have an idea of what to try and what to avoid.
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They're about $2,000 -$3,000 from the links I've found and I was stunned. The prices obviously vary according to the dealers but that's about the field. As I said, I was wondering if they were worth that price, even if they are pretty. I was really just wondering if these guitars were made especially well or had excellent quality materials etc. which would push them into that price range, as I said I don't know much about acoustics and I was amazed they were charging that much and was hoping someone could shed some light on why?

If I was going to pick up an acoustic, and I am having a bit of a look at it, I'd be looking at no more than $500 - so I'd probably check out the $300 and under thread for my needs