Hello all, well my current project is comming along very well, it's a Jaguar alder body with a typical jag rosewood neck. Well my main gripe about the Jag is the weak pickups they have. So I called up Warmoth and had them send me a pickguard to fit a strat style single coil. So I am left to find a set of single coil size pickups for her and i'm stuck. I have a Tele and I put some Fralin Blues specials in it and I dig it but I was looking for a little bigger sound. I also have a few guitars with humbuckers in them and that too much for this jag, I would love to find a middle ground.

So I was kinda thinking the Seymore Duncan little '59 or JB jr. for those that don't know they are humbucker style pickups made to fit in a single coil size. I like the fact they don't have the output of a full size humbucker but thats a good thing in this case, and the fact I could split the coils if need be. What do you guys think on this one? My music style is indie rock, and classic rock. So I always have a little drive on my tone from my boss blues driver. I do plan on using this guitar live more so than studio stuff.

Thanks so much!!!