Could anyone please tab the intro of this song for me?

There is a window to play the song in the top right corner of the screen.

Just from the start until he begins singing. I think the song is in D. I'm just not very good at tabbing songs.

This would really help me a lot.

Thank you.
Yes the intro chords and also the 13 notes right before he starts singing. It sounds like those 13 notes are some sort of picking sequence of the D chord, but I am not certain.

I would really appreciate any help!
well , in the link you posted, he starts singing in the 2nd second of the 30 seconds (!) audio clip, so is there a chance you have a link of the song with the 13 notes you need :P:?
chords are

song starts on a D
    [Bm]The town in which he lived is not [G]important
    But you'll know which town I [D]mean by the time I'm [A]thru  
    [Bm]He soon became a famous[G] entertainer
    But LEONARD was a [A]name he never [D]used

(Carefull at the order of the chords )

after that he plays a D G D  and it finished before going again on a D

just be careful when to switch, its a bit tricky
hope it helps if it does, send me a cold beer will ya ?
Thanks for the chords. The notes I need are just seconds 6 through 9 in the song.

Let me know!
Morning bump in case anyone could help me with seconds 6 thourgh 9 in the song.