...what would it be like?

Here's mine. It's like a hybrid of a Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Les Paul.

Body: Alder, Jaguar shape.
Pickups: Jaguar single coil in neck, Jazzmaster single coil in middle and DiMarzio Super distortion humbucker in bridge.
Bridge: Jag/Jazzmaster tailed bridge with deeper grooves cut in (so that the strings don't pop out).
Neck: Set neck.
Frets: 24 large frets.
Hardware: Chrome
Colour: Blue-green with a cream pickguard
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Holy ****, that is the sex.

I'd get a Jackson RR, with 24 frets, jagged sharkfin inlays, ebony fretboard, OFR, 2 tone 1 volume, black paint with silver bits like on some of the RR guitars, seymour duncans, old school ones like Megadeth used to use. and some cool preamps. =D

Simple, but awesome.
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I'd love Randy Rhoads' original polka-dot Flying V. The one he paid $750 for. The first time I saw it, I thought it was sooo cool. I'll take it as it is, no modification needed.
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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This guy knows what he's talking about
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i dig that fretboard...the LEDs can go suck a nut but overall that's a pretty mean git.

Body: Gibson ES 335 semi hollow
Wood: Mahagony
Neck: Set Neck
Pickups SD SH4 and SH2
Custom Electronics: Coil Tap with a Killswitch in a volume knob.
Frets: 22
Hardware: Black
Finish: White with black binding

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Isn't that the guitar played by Aoi of The GazettE? I can't recall seeing glowing inlays but apart from that it seems to be the same...

On Topic, I already have a custom so I'm happy
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You know what, I've already got my dream guitar! I've a candy-apple red '57 Strat that is part of me. First of all, it's absolutely beautiful! The red is painted over metallic gold. Giving it the deepest, richest tone you have ever seen! She's been with me for a while. Played a lot of gigs. There's endless amounts of mojo spilling out of her, too. A few knicks around the sides, paint showing through in some of those places, a bit of belt rash. shows she know what she's singing about.

The finish isn't the only perfect thing about this guitar! There is just something about that neck! It's a maple neck and fingerboard, but it's laquered and tinted to a color that is perfectly suited for the red body. And... it's the Holy Grail of necks! 1957 7.25 radius V neck that plays like butter. I've never felt anything like it, I must say it might be better than sex?!

It's hard to explain what it feels like when we get locked in together... She and I... we become one... she's everywhere I need her to be... never gives me trouble... and absolutely creates whatever tones I have in my soul! If that's not a soul mate I don't know what is! We were made for each other!
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my custom guitar would be an ESP with a M shape, reversed headstock (is like kirk's guitar), some passive duncans with high gain and some biohazard inalys?

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I'm pretty happy with the ones that I have. Besides, I really don't need another guitar, (so my wife says). However, I'm pretty sure I could get used to either a Suhr or one of the PRS Satin Standards.
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Jackson RR shape.

24 frets
Ebony fretboard
Trans-white with black pinstripes (yes, I said trans-white)
Seymour Duncans
A custom made Carvin or Jackson.

- Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Finish
- Hohner Hc-06 Classical guitar


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...what would it be like?

Here's mine. It's like a hybrid of a Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Les Paul.

Body: Alder, Jaguar shape.
Pickups: Jaguar single coil in neck, Jazzmaster single coil in middle and DiMarzio Super distortion humbucker in bridge.
Bridge: Jag/Jazzmaster tailed bridge with deeper grooves cut in (so that the strings don't pop out).
Neck: Set neck.
Frets: 24 large frets.
Hardware: Chrome
Colour: Blue-green with a cream pickguard

Could you explain to me where the Les Paul part is? I fail to see it.

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...it would be the simplest:

- Strat type body, unfinished.
- Strat type tremolo bridge.
- Strat type maple neck and fingerboard.
- 1 humbucker and 1 single coil.
- 1 volume and 1 tone pots, 1 three-position switch for pickups.
- .9 strings.
- Chrome hardware.
jem like body but with a neck through, and the strap buttons on the back for pointer horns lol

withs a flamed maple top dark blue

9-24 frets scalloped sustainer

bareknuckle nail bomb in the bridge and a nice twangy pickup in the middle

thin neck and a built in fuzz and roland midi pickup

and an ibanez edge trem (the best one lol)

and as midi strip for controlling whammy pedal etc
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Could you explain to me where the Les Paul part is? I fail to see it.

I figure it's the set-neck.
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I figure it's the set-neck.

BASTARD!!!! >.< you beat me to it. All good

Seriously, it's a basic Gibson model that is already offered, but with my own little oddities to it.

Gibson LP-295 Goldtop
Dean Markley Blue Steel 10-46 Strings
Tony Iommi Signature humbuckers in the neck and bridge
Set-neck body with TOM Bridge and Bigsby Vibrato
Slim 60's profile mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard.
Ebony finish with original LP-295 pickguard. "Rose" script on the head stock.
Removed Truss rod cover.
Anything I missed?
Hell, Meshuggah uses them, and their sound is awesome. Not to keen on the random tempo changes, though =/
Meshuggah is one of my favourite bands. I love their unpredictability and ability to change tempo and time signature like that :P

Each to his own, I guess xD
mine would be sg body withc custom paint job like those paisley strats int the 60's
ebony fret board
3 humbuckers
trapezoid inlays
regular sg head
gold hardware
white pickguard
gear :epiphone g400 custom
squier bullet strat
orange crush 15r
boss ds-2
fame ml-30
red hill CDG-3 SEQ

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Erm, ESP mp-600.
No modification.
Hmmm maybe in a diff color, White meyb?
Jackson DK2M
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Omfg how could I forget, caparison dellinger White/black
Jackson DK2M
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Not sure about the shape, it'd either be a strat, an RR, a custom shape or summin' along those lines, but:

Alder body
Maple neck and fretboard
desert yellow paintjob
Black pickguard +hardware
unrecessed ibanez edge bridge.
HSH pickup layout, DiMarzio Evo neck pickup, Bareknuckle Irish Tour middle pickup and the bridge pickup would be something along the lines of a DiMarzio Super Distortion or Tone Zone.
1 vol 1 tone 5 way switch
JEM style pyramid inlays (if any)

Well that should do.
^Apart from the inlay (which i hate :P), that is a sexy mother****ing beast.

Are you in the process of making it? I demand pics if so...
My customs would either be:

-A extreme body ESP custom (preferably one of those japanese signature line styles, those are MEAN)
- PRS custom 24 birds (nuff said)
- Caparison CA dellinger, not really a custom but I'd love it
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My Carvin CT6M


Custom shop Jackson Kelly
Ebony Fingerboard
Abalone Bowties
Abalone Logo
Poplar Body
Quilted Maple Top
H/S Configuration
JB in the bridge/Chopper in the neck
12-24 Scalloped.
Les Paul hybrid with an ibanez

body: les paul, jet black
neck: set neck, 24 frets and mother of pearl rectangular inlays.
headstock: ibanez RG style headstock, reverse.
pickups: dimarzio d-activators, and a EMG stacked in the middle.
tremolo: original flody rose (low profile if possible...)
strings: coated super slinky
pickguard: black, tortoise shell.

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Blackmachine B7 with Lundgrens, quilted maple top, and swamp ash body.

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hufschmid baritone seven string!

It's a tough choice between those and a Sherman custom, but i reckon the B7 would just snip it.

R.E Meshuggah, to headbang efficently just listen for the crotchet or main quaver beat, usually on the snare or cymbals. That stays in 4/4 while other rhythms coincide with it, its all about the beat displacement
Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.

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I´m a bit boring so I`ll go with a Gibson Les Paul Custom or a Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V.
I can play guitar!

Randy Rhoads FTW!

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GMW Polka Dot V
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An Epiphone Casino with more access to the upper frets. In an Ice Tea Sunburst colour, or any light sunburst. And with parallelogram inlays. And that's it.

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My dream guitar would have to be along the lines of a Left-Handed American RR1 Jackson except as a 7 string with 1 humbucker and 2 singles, passive pickups. A master volume knob, 24 frets, original floyd. The color of the guitar would also primarily be a burgundy or forest green with matching headstock text.

I will never get this instrument.. ^
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Lol this was just done today but I will contribute again, A Gibson Custom Les Paul Silverburst (beware of super pic)