In most if not all instruction videos it`s shown your thumb when holding chords should be at the back of the neck and vertical , the trouble is on certain chords i find this virtually impossible and it ends up point along the length of the neck, is this going to cause me difficulty in the future?
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
what types of chords? bar chords, power chords or normal chords? i find for power chords my thumb sometimes goes along the whole of the back of the neck so the tip is above the 6th string. if you know what i mean. james hetfield from metallica does it. just an example

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My thumb switches between the middle of the neck and over the top (and everything in between) depending on what I'm playing - including playing chords. As long as you can play the chords cleanly and switch between them ok I wouldn't worry about it.
is their thumb above the 6th string? sometimes, some chords, people use their thumbs to mute the 6th string. But, yes, it is practically impossible to do that for all the chords. But I think for standard chords, your thumb is straight and vertical, but the pad of the thumb (the top) is on the middle of the neck.
Thanks for the replies, it`s mainly the f and g chord and it`s not a problem ,i just didn`t want to get into bad habit from the start
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
Just do the chord properly and your thumb will do whatever it will do naturally. Trying to rigidly have your thumb is some odd position cause some video or tutorial says so isnt a good idea IMO.
depends on which kind of chord. for power chords i put my thumb vertical underneath the neck. for ordinary chords like C, G and D I put my thumb more on the side