I have an idea.

I've never seen this anywhere...

so i was wondering:

is there a program where I can set a particular Drum sound to each drum on a rock band drum set? (for recording purposes until i can get a good electronic drum set lol)

i know it's missing the cymbals, but I thought it'd be cool to mess with anyways.
Theoretically it's possibly, if you linked the kit to your PC/Laptop then wrote an app to interpret each of the pads then have them trigger a drum sound. Not quite sure how well it would work, or if anyone else has done this (I would assume so).

Although i have seen someone using a similar setup with a guitar hero guitar.

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw_1U4m8oUM&NR=1 Is a very similar idea of how i'd do it with the drums.
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i'm gonna try out that drum machine thing later today.

thanks guys!
There is a program that you can use your RB drums with on the computer.. I have it. Don't remember where I got it from though.