Help please; I am writing a series of columns on 'A Guide to PA' and have a whole series of questions on specific makes of equipment. I really need some advice about what is available in the USA and anywhere other than the UK, though anyone from the UK can give me any experiences they have.

The guide is aimed at small bands, probably start-ups so the equipment needs to be affordable.

So any help on brands and any experience on good buys and bad buys.

Thanks everyone
Go on gear4music.com they have some really cheap PA/ monitor/ mic'n systems, i dont know about the USA, but i'd say gear4music probably has some of the cheapest PA systems in the uk, really good for new bands.
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:P I just read your article on PA's. Good work. And check out Guitar Gear and Accessories, they may be able to help you better.
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remember this mantra:


Behringer=Most of their stuff is crappy, but I actually played a show where they had Behringer monitors with a 1x15" speaker and a horn and they actually sounded pretty good and clear. But for the most part I dont like them.


Also Fender monitors and stuff suck IMHO.

I've had good luck with Peavey and Yamaha monitors for the most part. Of course most JBL monitors are very nice. The JRX series are pretty affordable, but they are still 3 times as expensive as a similar set of Kustoms and I think they are one of the best values for the money. If you want excellent and price isnt an issue, you cant really go wrong with Electro Voice. They have some good stuff but can be pricey.
Thanks this is helpful, we have peavey and yamaha over here as well as kustom, behringer as well but I think they let us do the quality control as their reputation for reliability stinks.

Any one else got any feelings about this or experiences?