I need some pick-ups for a guitar im building. I only want to spend a little on pick-ups now and then if i really like the build i will upgrade. I've heard mixed reviews about these passive emg's. but seeing as i can get a set for $100 (compared to $400 for actives) im thinking about getting em. Should i or are they really terrible?
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They aren't terrible but they're not great tbh, you could probably get better passives for the money (I'm in the UK so I can't help much there). Maybe Dimarzios or SDs.
They are alright but there are better pickups in the same price range.
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The only way I can describe them is that they are great for cleans. But for some reason they sucked the gain out of my amp.

If I plug in my gibby with stock pups and set up the amp for a nice high gain sound. And then plug in my Schecter. I almost have to turn the gain up two or three postions to match the output of the Gibby pups.
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