hi im chewwing my fingers at the moment on what i should buy. ive narrowed it down to my budget limit and im down to 2 different items. 1.Samson Concert 77 GuitarBass System CR77 Receiver With CT7 Transmitter(wireless guitar system) or 2. electro harmonix metal muff. im by far a metal head that has a passion for 80s metal lke megadeth, metallica to the newer bands like trivium and machine head so it looks like, from the countless hours of research, that the metal muff will come on to with all that but i could instead get a wireless system that frees up the venue im playing at, wether that be my room or a large pub. id like to see what you think UG
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i would personally get the wireless system.
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i've got the metal muff, is really an awesome pedal. But as far as the wireless goes, do you really need it? All depends how big the venue is, a small stage or your bedroom, i dont think you'll need it
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How is your sound right now?

If you've already got good tone, go for the wireless system.
i think you can spend your money better then on a wireless system. i have jumped around plenty on stage with a lead hanging out the back of my guitar and it doesnt bother me. but i guess that is just preference. go for the pedal.
What amp do you have?

...This will most likely turn into a "you need a new amp now" thread.
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What amp do you have?

...This will most likely turn into a "you need a new amp now" thread.

umm ive finely tweaked my behinger ultra metal pedal to give me a generic metal sound. i could do with a bit of improvement with my sound but then again who has found there dream sound aye? i am still really confused. ill check back tommorow
i'd go with the muff

honestly, i've considered wireless too, but there really is no need for it

i've done a huge outdoor concert, and even there cables were fine! wireless is very OTT and you'll look like a nob unless you're going to use it doing guitar swings and stuff.

someone i know had one and he didnt rock out at all on it, instead, he just walked outside of the gig tent still playing, and he looked rediculous
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