gooday to everyone,

ive been playing guitar about 2½ years now and my friend has asked me to teach him how to play. so ive looked out my old beaten up fernandez vandenburg for him to practice on.

the only problem is i dont really know much music theory. i know this is gonna make life hard for me to teach him. cos ive always gone for the trial and error techinque when writing stuff, its worked soo far lol

i was wondering where do you begin when teaching someone? ive been teaching him little bits (basic tunings, notes of the fretboard and explaining the basic techinques) before i give him the guitar just to get him prepared!

but i dont know what to do when he gets the guitar! do i just teach him simple riffs / chords to get him going or should i jump into the world of theory and teach him what i learn as i go?

any help would be awsum
do the basics first man, chords and simple riffs, smoke on the water, then maybe smels likle teen spirit for the power chords, then a bit about open chords, maybe house of the rising sun or somehting like that, and some sturmming stuff like horse with no name by america or something along those lines, and of course teach him how to read tab!
thats what i was thinking, keep it simple until i feel confident enough with the theory side. ive already got him reading tabs thought that was a good way for him to learn, cos then he can learn what he wants in a sense, thats how i started and its worked for me soo far.
thats cool man, donl;t try and teach what you arenlt 100% confiednt on yourself, cause it will amke it harder for both of you. i would suggst very strongly that you both get lessons too.I was self taught like you for 18months, but since I ahve been tkaing lessons I ave improved probably 300%, but I am also lucky in having an excellent teacher.
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thats cool man, donl;t try and teach what you arenlt 100% confiednt on yourself

This is what I was going to say. I wouldn't recommend trying to teach him the theory as you learn it. Start off really simple with your friend with some chords and riffs and tablature. Even before that you should start out with proper playing technique like how to hold the pick; how to position your hand, arm, and shoulder; and proper posture. While you are spending a few months going over these basics and teaching him some chords and songs he'd be interested in... you learn the theory. Then after several months of working on your theory, you should be ready to begin teaching him the very basics of music theory as you continue to build upon your own foundation.

If you try to teach him theory as you learn it, you will find it difficult to explain. The more you understand something, the easier it is to explain. Teaching him as you learn also runs the risk of teaching him things that are incorrect, since you may misunderstand principles at first exposure.