Does anyone else have this condition?

I have it pretty serious. Major outbreak when I was 7-12 years old. I was hospitalised two or three times for it.

One time, my legs were blistered so badly, and the flesh was so messed up that I couldn't walk from the pain and I had to have a morphine drip.

So anyone else?
I don't have it but I worked beside someone who had it to extremes.

He has a full head of hair on top, but the back is all thin and straggly because he ferociously scratches the back of his head every 2 minutes, and his skin is all tough red, sore and course looking from years and years of continuous scratching.

Hard to have a tea break with the guy cus he was just scratching all the tuime, making you feel itchy.
I've had it on and off since i was 1.

My most major thing recently is under my left arm. Its pretty bad at the moment.
I've gone through periods where my legs have been covered really badly, but never enough to be hospitalised.