I am posting this on behalf of a friends band (wishbone ash)
This gear was stolen recently in Germany. any one who finds it should contact guyroberts@wishboneash.com

Stolen gear:

Lakland 5 string Bass 55-94, quilt teale colour, rosewood neck, black hardcase, serial no. 6926

Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II Bass amp, serial no. 2YA0317E01102576

Takamine electro acoustic, single cutaway, koa wood, 1970's

Duesenberg Rocket II flying v style electric, black with soft case

Duesenberg semi acoustic TV Plus electric, single cutaway with piezzo electronics, white

Gibson Les Paul Std, Custom Shop Historic 60's reissue, faded tobacco colour, black hardcase, serial no. 06438

Gibson Les Paul Jr, Custom Shop Historic Collection 57 reissue, antique sunburst colour, black hardcase, serial no. 781115

Fender Stratocaster, early 70's, hardtail (no tremelo), psychedelic colouring, black hardcase

It is believed that a professional team observed the crew loading, and between the hours of 3.00 a.m. and 6 a.m. they broke into the equipment truck, disabling the alarm and expertly freeing up the automatic locking system. They stole around 15,000 Euros worth of equipment, mainly guitars: Bobs treasured Läkland bass, a couple of Duesenberg guitars, a much loved Takamine from the 70’s, two of Muddy’s treasured Les Pauls and more.

The loss has already been reported on 3000 or so web addresses and Myspace sites and to various instrument dealers in Germany and Poland. Magazines have also been alerted. New equipment had to be hired for the show in Nürnberg last night, and the tour will continue, unlike during the 70’s when an entire American tour was cancelled after the band’s equipment truck containing guitars, backline and PA system was driven off into the night by thieves in St. Louis.

They're a great band. Some lovely gear in there... such a shame

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The loss has already been reported on 3000 or so web addresses and Myspace sites and to various instrument dealers in Germany and Poland. Magazines have also been alerted.

don't worry, the person who stole it will probly send it to him piece by piece (hopefully not involving a saw)
I live in germany, I´ll look into some places which I know that sometimes sell stolen gear. I will report back into this thread if I find something.
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Oh and sorry to hear that man, but i don't know how i could help.
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That's bad!! I remember seeing them as far back as the early 70's. Hope you get your gear back fellas.
Talk to all the German UGers you can find, tell them to look for that gear in pawn shops and stuff.

I hope they found it.
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it would also be useful talking to UGers from neighbouring countries aswell, if that much stuff gets nicked chances are most stores in the country will be tighter on what they buy in so it would be easier to sell in belgium or france
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My dad has wishbones ash's drum set from the stolen truck in st.louis in the 70!