well i have an ibanez rg 170dx from quite a few years ago, its an ok guitar, but i want to uprade it to something better ibanez, similar guitar with HSH set up but this time i would like a floyd rose, a moderately similar shape would be appreciated...

my price range is uk to 400GBP
400 GBP and you want dimarzio's stock. Buy a RG350DX stock and put a dimarzio or 2 in. If you can only afford one put it in the bridge.
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my friend has some ibanez dimarzios and i believe they came in the guitar, although he may have added them later....

any opinions on the S470?
what amp are you playing through?
Line 6 Flextone III Plus
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at the moment im playing through a toneport into my computer.

but i didnt ask about amps....im asking about the guitar.