Hey, i know this sounds stupid( gee, second thread i write with " i know this sounds stupid" ), but my uncle has a lot of bass pedals that he's getting rit of, just wanted to know if I can use them for my guitar? I probly can't but it would save me lots of money to be able to use them :P
most likely you can use them, but they wont sound quite as good as their guitar equivalent. They should work, but wont be designed to work properly on your higher notes.
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You could use some for your bass notes, obviously, but like he said they wouldn't be ideal for your trebles and the tone will be a bit off. Maybe you could use the one or two and set them up for chords, but you're probably better off getting guitar pedals.
I know im better of with guitar pedals, it's also just a quick replacement while i get guitar pedals.
they wont be ideal, but they will work. try them out, you might fall in love with one of them,
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Find out what pedals hes giving you. Many times a bass pedal just has different caps in em which could be changed for a more guitar oriented tone. To much bass in a distortion pedal can muddy things up. Some other pedals may not make much of a difference.