I don't know but my guess would be between £750-£1000 over this side of the pond; of course this is meaningless if you're anywhere else... (My guess is based around the fact I see silohettes go for between £500 and £700 ish in the non-fancy colours/options like that one.)

I can say that these are truly FANTASTIC guitars though; the necks are really well finished and IMO have a better carve than the JP model. The pickups are sublime the bridge pickup has a ton of clout but still has a PAF-ish quality; doesn't sound as loud as it is! The neck bucker is extremely "smooth" and refined like a clear non-muddy air norton. The singles are sorta a half way between a tele bridge and strat pickup... I really like the bridge design too; really makes the guitar sing! Don't be put off by the poplar wood though; some people think its crap (wrongly IMO) I think it's one of the best woods to use in a strat style if you're whacking hot pickups in it...
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